“Time to circle the elephants.”

From essential workers and healthcare providers to food donations, from flowers for nurses to computer donations for school kids, from homemade masks to customers giving higher tips at restaurants, there is something I’m observing in our society right now. And it’s really quite magical.

We ALL represent the adult elephants. The frail, elderly, immunosuppressed represent the baby elephant. The Covid19 virus represents the lion or the hyena.

Every day we are faced with new challenges, but, nature has already taught us, that no creature on earth can get through a circle of elephants.

“All those elephants were in high agitation, seriously nervous, and closing the formation shoulder to shoulder.”

‘A strong wall of muscles and tusks that can scare any kind of other animal.’

‘This is the formation they are normally taking in only two cases: under attack by predators like lions, or during the birth of a new elephant.”

Whats happening right now, is what we have seen in nature….

The fatigue of standing in a circle protecting the frail for months in a row without an end in sight is very real. I’ve heard it called “quarantine fatigue.” We all want to see our family and friends and we should see them. Just smartly. But we should also not forget as we argue about fake news, biased media, and fragmented policies and politics, that:

Nothing will get through a unified circle of elephants.

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